Lowest Brokerage Charges in India for Online Trading 2023

References to the mentioned apps/websites are dynamic in nature, and we shall strive to keep these updated. They process more than 1 lakh orders every day and have their clients spread in more than 750 cities. It is not a new set up; it was established more than 25 years ago. It has over 50,000 customers and has an average daily turnover of Rs.5000 crores.

Discount brokerage fees

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has established guidelines for the maximum brokerage fees that a stockbroker can charge traders who trade on Indian stock exchanges. The maximum brokerage rates in India, according to the BSE and NSE, are 2.5 percent, and no stockbroker may charge more than that. It does not, however, provide any suggestions regarding the lowest brokerage fees in India.

  • Traders can save more than 90% on the brokerage on all their trades.
  • It is upfront about this right on the pricing page, and it is up to the individual investor whether the subtler fee via PFOF is a concern.
  • Owing to market corrections, new traders are using this opportunity to get into the market who prefer discount brokering.
  • Mutual funds and bonds aren’t offered, and only taxable investment accounts are available.
  • Importantly, we only included brokers where you can trade real stocks.

They offer the most competitive brokerage and charge Rs.9 for every trade in all the segments. You can also opt for their lump sum plans if you trade frequently. As it is an online platform, you can easily trade from desktop and from your phone. They also support calls, but there is a different charge for trading through calls. Its trading platform is known as SAMCO web Xpress as it is reliable and works at high speed.

It is important to read the fine print or fee schedule and ask questions about any fees charged. Brokerage fees are any commissions or fees that your broker charges you. Also called broker fees, they are generally charged if you buy or sell shares and other investments, or complete any negotiations or delivery orders. – Full-service brokerages have been there for ages, and therefore traditional traders may find the trading experience far better than discount brokerages. They are one of the most distinguished discount brokers in India and are for traders who look for low brokerage, huge margins, and a secure trading platform. They become even more famous after being backed by kalaari capital and Ratan Tata.

For traders with less frequency, they charge Rs.15 per trade irrespective of the executed rate. It has more than 1.5 million how are brokerage fees calculated clients and is known for lower brokerage charges. They charge around Rs.20 for every trade irrespective of the trade volume.

Like many newer brokerages, Webull seems to have instinctively streamlined its app in the right way, enjoying a 4.7 out of 5 rating on the Apple App Store and 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play. The experience offered by the mobile app likely won’t convert hardcore traders coming from more full-featured platforms, but all the assets are certainly available. If you do your homework, discount brokers can save you a lot of money when it comes to transaction costs. For those interested in the discount broker space, Investopedia has a list of the best discount brokers. These fees are based on the transactions they execute for their clients.


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Webull is a Chinese-owned, U.S.-based brokerage formed in 2017 and launched as a trading platform in May 2018. Since 2020, it has been seen as a chief rival of Robinhood, gaining users as that platform struggled with the meme stock fallout and other controversies. Webull has been expanding its offering, announcing the addition of over-the-counter (OTC) stock as a new commission-free asset. Interactive Brokers has gone further than any other broker in offering fractional shares. On top of this, there are all the European shares with $5 million in daily volume and $5 billion in market cap that you can now purchase in fractional shares.

Zerodha charges a fixed brokerage of Rs. 20 per trade for intraday and zero brokerage on delivery. The primary advantage of working with discount brokers is that they charge discounted commission fees, meaning less expense for the client. Full-service brokers don’t just execute buy and sell orders for stocks and exchange-traded investments (such as ETFs). They also work with mutual funds, charging sales loads on the mutual funds they work with. Our team of researchers gathered 2425 data points and weighted 66 criteria based on data collected during extensive research for each of the 25 companies we reviewed.

The USP of SAS Online discount broker is the low brokerage of Rs. 9 per trade for all segments. You can trade in Stocks (delivery), Intraday, Equity F&O, Currency F&O and Commodity futures. If you are a frequent trader, you must choose a discount broker rather than a full-service broker. You might not feel the pinch of paying brokerage to a full-service broker in a single transaction. But if you look at the aggregate amount you pay to the broker over a number of transactions you will realize that you are probably paying a bomb. Wisdom Capital offers trading services in options, currency, commodities, future, and equities on NSE, BSE, MCX & NCDEX.

These allow you to buy a small piece of a stock share, instead of the entire share. That means rather than needing hundreds of dollars to buy a pricey stock, you can invest in many companies at amounts as low as, say, $5. With a discount broker, you pay far less to trade investments, but generally, you’re in charge of managing your trades, and you’re likely to pay an extra fee if you want help from a person. These were the top 10 best discount brokers in India which can help increase your profits and reduce the expense plus they also provide you with excellent advice which can help you in multiplying your money. This discount broker company is taking an edge over its competitors because of the fantastic online support that it provides.

Informed decision-making on your part is Select’s utmost priority. That’s why it works as a one-stop shop with multiple money-saving verticals for you. With credible data, technically advanced tools and independent reviews, Select eases the selection process in your major money matters. My Value Trade is a discount broking brand/ arm of Master Trust Ltd. Trade Plus is the online brand of Navia Markets Ltd. with more than 2 decades of broking business. TradingBells is a broking brand of Swastika Investment Ltd. with 80 branches and 600 franchises spread across India.

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Their USP is that they are charging Rs.9 per trade for all segments. With them, you can trade in Stocks, Intraday, Currency F&O, Equity F&O, and commodity futures. 5Paisa is best for traders who need access to an easy platform for trading or high volume trader who wants to save money on brokerage charges. Zerodha is the biggest discount broker in India having over 60 lakh customer base and the first broker to introduce fixed brokerage charges.

Discount brokerage fees

For using the “Call & Trade” facility, TradeJini charges Rs. 20 per executed order. The best thing about 5Paisa is its extremely fast and paperless account opening process. Get $100 when you open a new, eligible Fidelity account with $50 or more.

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